News 2 October 2015
Author: Pierre

GRM Daily launches initiative to show Black British Films in Mainstream Cinemas

Author Pierre
2 October 2015

Due to the lack of Black British films in cinemas we’ve partnered with Film Hub London and Vue to launch ‘Your Cinema’ this month!

Two questions for you though:

When was the last time you went to the cinema? (Netflix and chill doesn’t count) 

When was the last time you watched a UK film (of decent quality) that you could actually relate to?

It’s funny because up until fairly recently we realised there are actually a lot of films set in our scene that reflect our lives but we never hear about them! They either get lost in the festival circuit or simply don’t have the right backing or promotion behind them.

Launching on October 19th in partnership with Film London and Vue cinemas, ‘Your Cinema’ will show films that cater to young black audiences in mainstream cinemas with the first screenings taking place in October (hosted by Suli Breaks).

With our culture being at a stage of taking ownership of the images, lifestyle and music representing our culture [shout out the Rated Awards] it’s time we also took ownership of how our stories and lives are portrayed on the big screen as well.

‘The films and stories that reflect our culture aren’t usually supported properly by mainstream outlets, so we thought we might as well support and distribute them ourselves.’ – [Pierre Godson-Amamoo, GRM Daily Co-Founder]

With less than 30 films reflecting our culture having major cinema releases in the past 10 years, ‘Your Cinema’ was created to fill that void, showing our audiences Black British films they can be proud of as they’ve been very much hidden for a very long time!


Funded by Film Hub London and backed by Vue, we’ve come together to ensure all tickets are £5 (as it usually costs £8-9 for a standard ticket) with some insightful commentary from spoken-word artist Suli Breaks to round off your evening.

Tickets are available below and the dates are as follows:

19th October – Vue Wood Green – Tickets HERE

20th October – Vue Croydon Grants – Tickets HERE

21st October – Vue Stratford Westfields – Tickets HERE

For all enquiries contact [email protected]


Programme supported by Film Hub London and venue partner Vue Entertainment. Film Hub London is managed by Film London and a proud partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery –