Exclusives 8 April 2019
Author: Nic Coaker

GRM Exclusive: Liverpool City Spotlight

Author Nic Coaker
8 April 2019

Liverpool is a city notorious for its accent, and whilst some people struggle to understand what they’re saying at times; we can’t deny the talent that comes from the thriving city. Over the past few years, an influx of talent has arisen from the Northern cities of the UK including Manchester, Newcastle and Blackpool. But, on this occasion we’re focusing on the Scousers, or Liverpudlians as others may identify them.

The city is known for its devoted football fans, being home of the infamous rock band The Beatles, and the world famous Aintree race course. Additionally, it’s home to some of the most loved and respected rappers in the UK music scene. With their signature accent and specific vocal projection of vowels, identifying individuals to a city could not be easier than those that reside in Liverpool.

Tremz, Scouse Trappin Tremz or Scouse Tremz as others may know him, is one of the most viewed artists from Liverpool. With his Mad About Bars freestyle exceeding three million views and his Behind Barz freestyle surpassing two million views, it’s no surprise that Tremz really put Liverpool on the map for the urban music scene.

When speaking to Tremz about his come up, he was sure to make one thing clear and this was that Liverpool is a creative hub of its own. Going on to ask him why he loves Liverpool so much, Tremz replied “Us scousers are like our own race, we are confident people and we’re very outspoken. Another reason I love Liverpool is for all the history and impact our city has had on the world.”.

When we were speaking about the raw talent coming from his hometown, Tremz confirmed my initial thoughts, that it’s more difficult to blow with such a strong accent. But, he said “there is loads of competition, there’s loads of artists here. It’s not that I found it easy to breakthrough, I just realised what it’s gonna take for the industry to take me seriously and applied it”.

With this being said, I wondered if the major platforms had approached Tremz in a similar way to Aitch in that they have a very unique selling point, or whether he found this to be a factor against success a few years ago. He said “major platforms such as Link Up and GRM Daily showed me love before I even took the music serious, I was making songs in 2011… I remember Rashid and Ade came to film me in Fulham… and since then I met Posty from GRM to properly form the bond with you guys.”

Coming to the realisation that Tremz has been welcomed with open arms to the music industry which is mainly based in London, I asked if he saw a variation in fans when traveling from the North of England to the South. Tremz said, “I find my shows up North are like rock shows the way my supporters go crazy, but my Southern shows are crazy and mature it seems.” However, Tremz did draw attention to his streaming statistics which show that the majority of his fans reside in London.

As we were wrapping up the interview, I had to ask one last question. I’ve always noticed that people up North seem to support their own and keep their ears to the local streets, so I asked Tremz which Liverpool artist he wanted to work with next. He replied, “At the minute, it’s Kof. He doesn’t release music consistently, but his talent is crazy.”

We couldn’t end this article without shining light on the other budding talents coming from the North-Western city, check out the below artists for some more Scouse goodness. 


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