Interviews News 23 November 2018
Author: Nic Coaker

GRM EXCLUSIVE: Manchester City Spotlight

Author Nic Coaker
23 November 2018

Aitch is one of Manchester’s youngest and most promising prospects. At the age of just 18 he has already surpassed many expectations; from his inevitably cold Instagram freestyles to his explosive single “Straight Rhymez”, Aitch has had the whole scene backing him from day one. A highly charismatic figure in the scene as he delivers bars with humour and his distinctive Manny accent, he is another artist that is well and truly putting Manny on the map.

Just this year, Aitch took the plunge into the music industry as he quit his labouring day job and decided to take his music career seriously. Breaking records with our very own Daily Duppy, Aitch smashed one million views in just over a week.

With the assistance of social media platforms such as ImJustBait and GRM, Aitch has progressed as a nationally respected rapper. As he tours the UK from week to week he says “I would say there is probably more love up North just because that’s where I’m from, so I’m probably more popular up there”. Which is understandable, after all you do resonate more with those similar to you. However, he assured us that the South of England also shows him a lot of love.

Promising us a show in London in the near future, Aitch also mentioned that his favourite performance to date was “probably performing at the Academy in Brixton with Wiley and recently I performed in Preston… that was a really good show” and when I mentioned his energetic show at ImJustBait’s two million follower party he also assured me that one of his favourite performances to date.

In conversation with Aitch, it quickly became obvious that he was proud of his North-Western roots, “there’s a slight advantage since I’m different to most other people in the scene, it definitely comes as an advantage, so I get a lot more attention because of that… you’re not the same as everyone else”.

Delving into the conversation about the much-loved city, I asked Aitch his three favourite things about Manchester and he didn’t even pause to think about it; “The accent, Manchester’s history and finally our attitude towards things is different to everyone else’s, we’ve got a different perspective on things.”

Having kept his supporters eagerly waiting for the next release since “Straight Rhymez”, the single that made him the huge success that he is today, Aitch has finally blessed us with his latest single “Trust Me”. Speaking of the track he says “I have had it recorded for about a year, it’s an old song and no one else has even heard it yet. We just thought that it was a good option to release off the back of “Straight Rhymez” innit. We think that it will do well off the back of “Straight Rhymez” and then the next one is gonna be even bigger than that one.” Trust me, it was definitely worth the wait.

Claimed to be the UK’s second capital city, Manchester also produces some of the very finest talent. Below is a list curated of five of the best artists reppin the 0161.

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