Interviews 29 October 2018
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: RAYE talks her style icons, stepping out of her comfort zone & her legacy

29 October 2018

RAYE is an artist who’s bubbled to the top of urban-leaning pop music in recent years as one who creates her own rules.

That’s the new focus of her new collaboration with Timberland, as she celebrates some of the icons in her life, dropping an exclusive 90’s inspired music video for the UKG remix of her hit single “Decline”.

Just like the new Timberland London Square boot, she celebrates and references some of her all time favourites in the new visuals, with homages to the likes of Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre, as well as many more.

GRM caught up with her as part of the new campaign to to talk her style icons, stepping out of her comfort zone and her legacy.

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Your new video is 90’s inspired – what are some 90’s style highlights you still wear today?

“Timbs and big baggy jeans. Denim, double denim! Those small circle glasses, even though that’s more 80’s. I feel like 90’s is the current trend and everybody is digging into that. Like baggy, you know, little crop tops which I think is cute.”

Who are some of your style icons from that time?

“Aaliyah. Aaliyah was everybody’s style icon because she always looked incredible. Mary J was amazingly dressed always. Yeah, I’m just gonna say Aaliyah, Mary J and Missy Elliot cause I loved her.”

What’s a wardrobe staple for you at the moment?

“I’m obsessed with shorts. I just really like it. I love blazers at the moment, like, really big, baggy dad blazers which is cute.”

You’ve racked up crazy streams on some hit singles – when can fans expect a debut album from you?

“Soon, hopefully. It all depends on the music I’m trying to make. I’m trying to switch things up and I’m creating stuff that’s really exciting, but when you do that you can scare people because often people are most comfortable copying the patterns and the trends.

“Labels don’t really want to invest their money into risk but I’ve got a really sick collection of music and I’m getting really good features. I’m just hustling, I’m excited. Hopefully the album will be out next year at some point.”

What do you want RAYE’s legacy to be in 10 years?

“I would love my legacy to be that I can produce, write and sing. To do it all myself and for everybody to be aware of that. I wanna get so good at my craft that I can be self-sufficient. People can know me as an artist who doesn’t have to rely on producers and writers to create music for her. I do love collaborating, but I want my music to be 100% from me and I want the ability to be able to do that.”