Exclusives Interviews 10 April 2019

GRM EXCLUSIVE: Snoochie Shy gives us the lowdown on her new 1xtra Show

10 April 2019

Snoochie Shy The UK’s reigning radio princess caught up with GRM to talk all things BBC 1Xtra, giving us a sneak peak on what we can expect from her upcoming show The Snoochie Shy Show.


Holding nothing back, we get straight into discussing her new radio show airing on BBC 1Xtra, which hit the airwaves on April the 1st. The Snoochie Shy show offers the best of UK Grime, Rap, Hip-hop and Drill. Gracing our ears each Monday to Thursday, Snoochie takes on the late night shift filling the radio slot with special guests including some of the hottest UK talent and of course the best  entertainment she has to offer. Bring on the games!


South London reppin’, Snoochie announced her 1Xtra residency last year, transitioning from her infamous breakfast show back on Radar Radio.


Congratulating her on landing her own show on the BBC network, Snoochie explains that she’s really excited. Knowing about her show 6 months prior to now, she admitted she anticipated for it to take a long time to come! 


“I’m still excited, but my nerves are coming at the moment!”


Providing us with a brief explanation of what the Snoochie Shy show has to offer for those who may not know what’s on the agenda, she explains:


“I’ve been describing it as organised chaos. I want it to be a chat entertainment show meets a rave in your front room. I want it to be random where anyone and everyone can roll through (obviously, like not random strangers of-course!)

I want it to eventually be like a party, family type vibe!”


Do you feel any pressure transitioning from a relatively smaller radio show to such a mainstream network like the BBC?


“It’s going to be a different vibe,” she explains.  Already familiarised with the 1Xtra residency and covering shows with her jaunty energy, there’s no room for pressure. “I want to make sure the show is good”. With reference to her previous works in and around the music scene, the presenter and DJ will undoubtedly do just that!


Stepping into the unexpected in the most female bossiest way, it’s safe to say Shy is on the road leading to world domination.


Recently responding and taking to Instagram to ask her close-to-70K following count, she asks what they expect to see on her new, upcoming show. A variety of fans want a similar if not same vibe from the Breakfast with Shy show back on Radar. Accumulating thousands of views on her show, it featured an array of all-star guests including 67, Raye and even the likes of Atlanta groundbreaker Rich The Kid.

A lot of people have been commenting the fact that they want a show similar to Breakfast with Shy. Are you going to combine similarities with what you presented on Radar with this new one?


“Being on 1Xtra, it’s a much bigger platform. I don’t want to bring everything that I did over from that radio show but I’ve kind of come up with new ideas and concepts. The Bleep Test will definitely be coming over and Comment Crawler, they’re my two key features. In terms of guests, it’ll be the same kind of guests. There will be similarities but it won’t be exactly the same thing. I want to make it better.”


Rounding up her plans for the summer and the rest of what 2019 has to offer, the 26 year-old eagerly discusses her filming for her two shows Yo! MTV raps and YO! Rates. “I love UK music so it’s great to shine the light on that.”


Teasing her upcoming works in the pipeline, those of which we can’t know about just yet unfortunately, we conclude the interview as I ask her exactly what word she would use to describe her 2019 so far!


She responds enthusiastically with ‘LIT!’


There you have it! If Snoochie Shy’s loveable energy wasn’t contagious before hand, it definitely is now. An all rounder, skillfully expressing her talents in being a well-respected DJ, TV & Radio broadcaster, model and brand ambassador, she has the aura we’ll never get bored of seeing or hearing.


Be sure to lock in on Snoochie Shy’s own radio show The Snoochie Shy show airing April 1st from 11pm-1am on BBC 1 Xtra here.