News 16 February 2020

GRM Exclusive: Here’s everything that happened at the GRM Gala

16 February 2020

On the 15th of April 2020, GRM Daily joined forces with Beats By Dre to host the GRM Gala.

Taking place at a luxurious venue in West London, guests were treated to floral-themed décor and an ambience which celebrated black excellence.

GRM’s CEO Posty, gave a moving speech where he applauded the work of everyone that has contributed to the culture over the past year.

The event was held in support of Leap Confronting Conflict, a charity that supports young people aged 15-21 and equips them with the skills and mentoring needed to help them manage conflict better.

Posty also commended the work of Leap Confronting Conflict and invited two representatives from the charity to speak about their life-changing work.

Attended by entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and big music industry players, the GRM Gala was an evening to remember and saw the room come together for an important cause.

Check out some images from the Gala below.