GRM Radio News 24 July 2021
Author: Courtney W

Aitch Talks “Learning Curve”, Debut Album Plans & More On GRM Radio

24 July 2021
grm radio

The fourth episode of GRM Radio, hosted by our CEO and Founder Posty, has arrived on Apple Music 1!

GRM Radio is a show dedicated to showcasing the best in the scene and the special guest on this latest instalment is Manchester star Aitch.

During his appearance on GRM Radio, we hear Aitch discuss his most recent single “Learning Curve”, plans for his debut album, his growth and more. Aitch also sheds light on his recent break from music before letting us know he’s recharged and “back and better”.

“Obviously, the thing is I’ve got more things to speak about,” Aitch says of his growth as an artist. “I suppose now as I’ve got older and as my career’s progressed sort of thing. So this is more about myself. And it’s more about the music nowadays. And I just reckon I grew up as a person and so naturally, you just change and things start to develop and that.”

As well as hearing Posty and Aitch’s catch up, we also hear DJ Joce Wavy on the decks spinning some of the biggest tracks from the scene at the moment.

Be sure to listen to GRM Radio live for free on Apple Music 1 right here!