News 7 August 2021

K-Trap Talks Joint Tape With Blade Brown, Taking Off His Mask & More On GRM Radio

7 August 2021
grm radio

We’re back with another instalment of our bi-weekly Apple Music 1 show, GRM Radio!

On each episode we hear our CEO Posty chop it up with some of the biggest names in Black British music and on this one he chops it up with south London rapper K-Trap.

Back in 2019, a huge moment occurred in K-Trap’s career as he decided to take his mask off and during this chat with Posty he discusses his decision to reveal his identity, explaining how if he “knew what [he] knows now” he probably wouldn’t have.

“If I knew what I know now, then it most probably wouldn’t have come off because I’ve just seen what’s been going on and people are making it happen regardless, whether you’re hiding your face or not,” K-Trap tells Post.

“I don’t regret nothing, it’s just a new chapter. Gotta keep going, innit.”

We also hear K-Trap discuss his recent Rated Awards nomination, his upcoming joint tape with Blade Brown and more.

Be sure to listen to the new episode of GRM Radio live for free on Apple Music 1 right here!