News Videos 2 January 2018
Author: Nic Coaker

GRM’s ten most viewed videos of 2017

Author Nic Coaker
2 January 2018

This year has been a very productive and successful year for the whole UK music scene, whether it be album releases, campaigns or beef, all eyes have been on the urban music industry. With this being said, music videos have kept a constant level of high quality all year around. We’ve been reminiscing about all the videos released via our very own YouTube channel and thought it was only right to bring you our ten most viewed videos this year.


Not3s – “Aladdin”

Not3s has been growing as an artist all year round. Since the release of huge hit “Addison Lee” in late 2016, everyone could see the future the success of the young Hackney-born rapper. He’s been releasing music non-stop and his hard work has definitely paid off. He not only won Best Breakthrough at the Rated Awards but also took the top spot for most viewed video on our YouTube channel this year with “Aladdin” and its massive seventeen million views. 

Hardy Caprio ft One Acen – “Unsigned”

Giving off ultimate summer-time vibes as they head to Barcelona, Hardy Caprio and One Acen teamed up to deliver the summer anthem that is “Unsigned”. This is the track that gave One Acen the platform to showcase his upcoming talents and allowed Hardy Caprio to expose his clever wordplay. The track is so wavy that you can spot One Acen swimming on some concrete steps. This banger is our second most viewed video of 2017 at eleven million views.

NSG ft Geko – “Yo Darlin”

From catching a whine to serenading a girl with a guitar, NSG and Geko were doing everything they could to show their appreciation towards beautiful women in this video. “Yo Darlin” was another track for the summer and attained ten million views. 

Ramz – “Barking”

Straight from his barbershop to linking his ting from Barking at 7am in the morning, a trim can definitely give a massive boost of confidence to any mandem out there. “Barking” has proven a rapid success for the upcoming artist and with over ten million views in just a few months, Ramz is definitely one to keep a close eye on. 

Fredo – “Like That”

Fredo really rounded up his whole block for this video and it looks lit. It’s one of the biggest street parties ever seen in a music video, released just in time for summer and leaving viewers definitely hoping for their own summer link ups to look this one. After a highly successful year, Fredo managed to gain eight million views on “Like That”. 

Fredo – “Change”

… And then he did it again. Teaming up with Kaylum Dennis for another massive link up, Fredo shows some of the high points of his career so far including his headline show and speaks about the massive changes he’s made to his lifestyle, from the trap to the music career. It’s definitely paid off as “Change” secured him almost seven million views. 

Kojo Funds – “Warning” 

This video has everything that an artist could ever dream of: fire-dancers, girls, fur coats, dogs and cameos from multiple artists. The man who has fully been repping the afrobeats vibe this year and killing it in the meantime, Kojo Funds did the most for the “Warning” video, gaining a generous six million views. 

Young T and Bugsey ft Belly Squad – “Gangland”

Young T and Bugsey have been doing bits all year to cement Nottingham’s place on the map for UK music. For “Gangland” they linked up with Belly Squad for a powerful collaboration. The track is a huge banger and the visuals are mad, stacking up a massive five million views. 

D-Block Europe – “Large Amounts” 

You’ve never seen a flex like this one. From chains to designer shoes, stacks of cash and mad whips, D-Block Europe are definitely living the lavish lifestyle. “Large Amounts” is a vibe and the views prove it with over four million to date. 

Not3s ft Louis Rei, Jay Silva and Geko – “Addison Lee (Remix)”

The original “Addison Lee” was such a banger that Not3s couldn’t let it go without a fire remix. He teams up with Geko, Jay Silva and Louis Rei for the hard track, amassing over four million views. 

These tracks are far from slowing down and all the artists will continue to have a massive success in 2018. We can’t wait to see what new additions will join our list this time next year. Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss them.