News 14 January 2021
Author: Courtney W

‘GTA 6’ Rumoured To Feature Franchise’s First Playable Female Protagonist

14 January 2021

Grand Theft Auto 6 might feature the franchise’s first female protagonist, according to a new leak.

The new rumour regarding the highly-anticipated game came from video game superfan, Tom Henderson, who has proven to be a credible source when it comes to leaks – especially those regarding Call Of Duty.

Henderson tweeted a few days ago: “For the first time ever in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist. #GTA6 #GTAVI.”

While Rockstar have not confirmed this leak, it’s already got gaming fans – who are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6 – hyped.

Henderson’s leak is the latest in a long line of rumours regarding GTA 6, with a report last year alleging the game’s storyline is already finished.

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