News 18 October 2020

Gamers argue over the authenticity of newly “leaked” ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ map

18 October 2020

Gamers have been engaging in a heated debate this weekend over whether an image floating around social media platforms such as Reddit is, in fact, a leaked image of the map for the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 video game. 

The map which you can see below recreates the GTA universe fictionalised version of Miami, Vice City, and boasts a shoreline area, an airport and a golf course. 

GRM Daily

GRM Daily

With some gamers arguing for the quality of the image and using past discussions to decipher that GTA 6 is likely to take place in Miami to argue for the map’s authenticity, others are not convinced and argue that the map is a fake due to Rockstar’s notorious secrecy and alleged discrepancies from the poster of the image about where he came across this information. 

One user said, “One of the things that I find most unusual on this leak right now is how you don’t have any details regarding locations and places, in Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked map you have almost every place from the final game. Not having to name anything makes it so much easier to forge something like this. So I was thinking, for a developer how useful could this map be for them if it doesn’t give you any information beyond the shape of the map?”

Another said, “map could’ve been from a very early development stage and it was leaked in 2018, so it 100% was an early map.”

Another Reddit user said, “Yeah the leak is bs.”

On Twitter, one fan said, “this is the guys main account who leaked the gta 6 map and if you look in this image at the top left corner you can see a take 2 interactive logo so this guy seems legit.”

This news comes as a Rockstar Games insider has suggested that several gamer fan favourites such as Bully, Max Payne, Manhunt, L.A. Noire and Midnight Club might be getting remastered.

Rockstar recently acquired gaming studio Ruffian Games which was subsequently rebranded as Rockstar Dundee.

According to alleged job listings and other info floating around the internet, gamers are convinced that Rockstar Dundee will be responsible for creating a new port for existing games.

Yan2295, the popular insider who boasts close to 78K followers said, “If you remember the news from a few months ago, Ruffian Games was already working in collaboration with Rockstar on some project(s), and hired many new people for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on remasters of some older Rockstar titles.”

This rumour comes just after it was recently announced that the new version of the Playstation Store will no longer offer content for the PS3 or PS5 via desktop or app.

With it becoming more difficult to access titles for previous generations, this proposed idea of remastered games from Rockstar makes for a lucrative and smart business idea.

What game do you want to play again for nostalgic purposes and do you think that the alleged GTA 6 map leak is authentic? Let us know on socials.