News 19 June 2024

Classic 00’s computer game ‘Habbo Hotel’ returns

19 June 2024

Habbo Hotel, a popular online game from the early 2000s, has made a remarkable comeback, igniting immense interest and overwhelming new players.

Originally launched in Finland in 2000, Habbo Hotel quickly became a virtual haven for teenagers despite facing criticism for inadequate moderation and exposing users to inappropriate content.

The game’s popularity waned over the years, continuing under the name Habbo with updated features but diminished cultural impact. Now, the developers have revived the classic version with the launch of Habbo Hotel: Origins, recreating the 2005 experience.

In an official announcement, the company explained, “After discovering an old decrepit server with some long-lost files earlier this year, long-time Habbo developer and player Macklebee has lovingly restored an old version of Habbo Hotel first released in 2005.”

However, this revival has come with challenges. The overwhelming interest has caused technical difficulties, with players struggling to access the game. Developers have issued multiple statements on social media addressing these issues. “We’re seeing a serious influx of people into the service at the moment, please hold tight while we try and get people in!” one tweet read.

Habbo Hotel: Origins is designated as an 18+ game, with less stringent moderation than its predecessor, which may still allow adult content.

The game aims to adopt a community-driven approach, allowing players to influence its future development.

[Image via Habbo]