Videos 18 November 2020

Alhan Talks Lockdown, Taking A Break & More On ‘Halfcast Podcast’

18 November 2020

For a brand-new episode of the Halfcast Podcast, Chuckie has brought social media personality and presenter Alhan into the studio for an interesting discussion surrounding lockdown, anxiety, Vice, and the importance of taking a break.

The pair kickstart the episode by reminiscing about the first lockdown, jokingly admitting that they knew it was serious when fast- food chain McDonald’s closed.

Alhan goes on to discuss how he’s been trying to take a break after filming lots of online content. Alhan also delves into his work over at Vice as he states that it was a dream to work with the company and how beforehand he would go on LinkedIn and email as many people as he could to get his name out there. Even though Alhan comes across as extremely confident, the presenter also talks about pushing through anxiety.

Take in the interesting discussion above!