Videos 25 July 2021
Author: Oli Knight

New episode of the ‘Halfcast Podcast’ tackles Covid-19 & the Rated Awards nominees

25 July 2021

Chuckie is an undisputed goat in the world of podcasting at this point, so whenever a new episode of Halfcast drops, it’s always worth taking in.

This new episode, titled Freedom Day!!!……kinda tackles the weird situation we find ourselves in at the moment with regards to Covid-19, whilst also touching on the upcoming Rated Awards. Joined by Poet, the duo chat about the idiosyncrasies of “Freedom Day”, how they find more of their friends have caught the virus recently than ever before, and also what actually is freedom.

Halfcast Podcast regularly discusses deep topics, but this episode is particularly philosophical. Poet particularly drops some gems, driving the conversation on how this so-called ‘new normal’ will develop.

The second half of the podcast sees a lengthy discussion on might win the awards at the 2021 Rated Awards. It’s an insightful conversation that makes a host of valid predictions.

Poet continues his thoughtful mood, commenting on how award shows are generally popularity contests. Nevertheless, both suggest some great candidates for this year. It will be interesting to see how accurate their predictions are.

Make sure to check out this episode above, and be on the lookout for future editions of the Halfcast Podcast.