Videos 29 November 2017
Author: Nic Coaker

Harvey speaks about helping the younger generation on Halfcast podcast

Author Nic Coaker
29 November 2017

Harvey joins Chuckie for our weekly dose of the Halfcast podcast, speaking all about the new generation. 

Harvey starts off by speaking about how he would never manage any rap, grime or drill artists due to the stress he thinks would come along with it such as gang wars. Instead, he has signed an up-and-coming singer. He also discusses his new entertainment company and sport talent agency. 

Throughout the podcast, they coin the term “micro-beef” to sum up the lives that the new generation in London live. They compare the current gang wars to the situations they were in around ten years ago. Focusing on how local wars have got. When Harvey started off, wars would be between Junction and Brixton, but now there’s beef between blocks and roads.

They blame this on the lack of services provided for the youth of today including youth centre’s and sports facilities. Stating that all kids have in today’s society is their boys and their blocks because they’re left to their own devices with no help from others. 

Harvey states that people who have been in the game since the beginning such as Lethal Bizzle, Dizzee and Wiley have a responsibility to inspire and advise the new generation. Whilst he also touches on the topic of his relationships with iconic people in the game such as Chip and Yungen. 

Watch the podcast above and when you’ve finished, watch them discuss Stormzy’s tweets here.