Videos 11 February 2021

Chuckie & Savage Dan Talk Lockdown Eating, Gorilla Glue Girl & More On ‘HalfCast Podcast’

11 February 2021

The conversation champ Chuckie Online is back doing what he does best, chatting all things current and interesting on the latest episode of the Halfcast Podcast.

This time, the Savage Dan is back in on the fun as he adds his humorous and unique perspective into the mix.

The boys cover all things current, starting with an extremely relatable chat revolving around how lockdown has affected all of our eating habits. Chuckie shares details on his love affair with the Krispy Kreme biscoff donut, followed with a back and forth chat on lockdown exercise habits.

The conversation develops through a few more subjects, including the very unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident.

Dan comes in with a quick one liner: “Have you ever had one of those trims though, when you look in the mirror from the chair and you think, I wish I could have this trim forever?”

Finishing up on the agenda, BitCoin gets a mention, with the lads speaking on how the crypto market has been moving.

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