News Spotlight 20 November 2017
Author: Aaron Rattu

David Haye pulls out of blockbuster Bellew rematch with freak injury

Author Aaron Rattu
20 November 2017

Shock and displeasure descended over Tony Bellew and his camp after discovering that David Haye has been forced to postpone their blockbuster bout, which due to take place on the 17th December.


The fight, a rematch, where Haye planned to seek vengeance over Bellew, has been called off due to what has been dubbed as a freak accident. The injury, which was sustained on November 16th after a stair controlled training session, has left boxing fanatics severely disappointed.


The incident occurred after Haye lost his footing and slipped, ultimately leading to his bicep being torn. Speaking on the accident, Haye said, “I instinctively grabbed the banister to stop myself toppling down the stairwell. In doing so I somehow managed to damage my biceps.


“I underwent a procedure to repair it; this was pretty straightforward and my doctor and physiotherapist have no doubt that not only will I make a full recovery but will be able to be back in the gym to start my arm rehabilitation in two weeks.


“I would like to apologise to Tony, his family and his training team, as well as all our fans who have been left disappointed.”


Not only was Bellew looking to showcase another flawless boxing display, that saw him stop Haye in March of this year, he has also been dealing with some underlying family issues, making the news that much harder to accept. As well as his intense preparation for the fight, he has also been mourning the death of his brother-in-law, something, which his trainer Dave Coldwell has conveyed;


“He showed immense strength of character. I’ve always had respect for his mental toughness but for him to have just gone through the sessions that we’ve had to, with all that that’s going on, it’s took it to another level,” Coldwell said.


“He is an unbelievable professional.”


Following the news, former heavyweight world champion Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury took to his Instagram, to offer himself as a replacement for Haye, however trainer Coldwell has since ruled this out.


“He’s too big,” said Coldwell, “That’s not a fight I would entertain whatsoever. Fury is big, long and very, very clever in that ring. There’s no way that I’d be interested in that fight.” 

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Although Haye has picked up a countless number of injuries during his lengthy career thus far, including a damaged Achilles following his defeat to Bellew in their initial bout earlier this year, he has urged fans that a sell out reschedule could be on the cards, on either March 24th or May 5th.