Videos 1 September 2020

Henny Knightz Gives Visual Treatment To Sincere Single “Devil’s Locker”

1 September 2020

Hackney-Hailing Henny Knightz – who makes up half of The Knighthood Society duo – has released the visuals for his thought-provoking single “Devil’s Locker”.

What’s impressive about Henny is that you can’t pin him to one genre or sound and his latest offering is different from anything else he’s produced, demonstrating his talents as a unique musician.

Henny takes you on a journey with his honest and raw lyrics about mental health as he’s seen on his block in some red and eery visuals that go alongside the track. 
With a minimalistic backing track, it allows you to fully take in his vocals as Henny lays everything on the table as he bravely opens up about his past.

When talking about the track on Instagram, Henny said: 
“I made this in one of the darkest periods of my life, it may have been the start of a great project but at the time, it felt like it could’ve been my final goodbye. I’m glad to say I’m not in that headspace anymore.”

Take in ‘Devil’s Locker’ above.