News 19 August 2022
Author: Shan Selena

Here’s what went down on series 4 episode 2 of BBC’s ‘The Rap Game UK’

19 August 2022

Last week saw the series 4 debut of ‘The Rap Game UK’ hit our screens. 6 new hopefuls took up residence in a luxury Manchester penthouse, ready to battle it out for the champion title. 

In an intense opening challenge, the up-and-coming MCs had the chance to check out their opponents in a fiery 16-bar challenge that brought to light just how tough this year’s competition would be. 

With the first rankings in place, the rap hopefuls were offered feedback from Krept, Konan and DJ Target, before it was revealed that next week things would be taken to the next level. 

It’s clash time! This week, each MC would be paired with another before appearing in front of a live crowd to clash their opponent and knock heads clean off. We’ve seen some iconic Rap Game clashes in the past, so, hearing that its clash week comes as a welcome surprise! 

Going bar-for-bar with your opponent in front of a live crowd isn’t for the weak. Preparation is key and each artist snaps up the chance to do their research and craft their bars carefully to wow the crowd and judges. An exclusive appearance from guest judge Lethal Bizzle ramps up the intensity, hyping up the crows ahead of the MCs taking to the floor for war time. With all eyes on the contestants entering the arena, it becomes apparent that this isn’t a battle we’d want to miss. 

After everybody settling down for a rest after the clash, the MCs are tasked with writing a 24-bar piece based on all things British. Whether it be your heritage or current affairs, the innovative brief gives the unsigned rappers the perfect opportunity to get creative and unleash their flair. 

The challenge comes with a varied reception and leads the MCs to share a little more about themselves with each other, speaking on their roots and heritage. With 24 hours to prepare, each artist gets to work in sculpting a lyrical showcase for the judges, including huge guest judge Jaykae. 

During the rankings, Krept, konan and DJ Target praise the MCs on their hard work this week- urging each artist to maintain their work rate and keep upping their game. 

Next week we can expect two brand-new challenges that test the hopefuls even further as we see the return of the live band! 

Take in the latest episode of The Rap Game UK on BBCiPlayer here!