News 31 July 2017

Check out this heroic bystander saving lady threatening to jump from busy flyover bridge

31 July 2017

Check out the dramatic footage below of the moment a hero bystander saves a lady who was threatening to take her own life by jumping from a flyover bridge in Birmingham.

Footage captured by a member of the public shows two police officers urging the lady to climb back to safety, where a heroic bystander then intervenes to save the day.

Taking matters into his own hands, the bystander instinctively grabbed and lifted the lady over the railings to safety and helped officers restrain the woman.

This drew a massive applause from members of the public who were tensely watching on.

The video was even shared across social media and has amassed over 55,000 views on Facebook, where people commented their praises to the hero.

Sarah Francis was one of those people, where she wrote, “The response was amazing, definitely the bravest thing I have seen anyone do in a long time.”

Maxine Tighe added: “Well done to that man. Truly terrifying, hope the person gets lots of help and support.”

It was confirmed by West Midlands Ambulance Service that they were called to the incident at 9.56pm on Tuesday 4th July 2017, where the lady was taken to a ‘place of safety’.