News 29 May 2017
Author: Nathan

The High Street Kid: Top 9 Mostack Features

Author Nathan
29 May 2017

This Friday (June 2nd) will see the release of High Street Kid, a new mixtape from North London rapper, Mostack.

While his profile has steadily been on the rise over the past two years, he has remained in the background, letting his music do the talking. Since his debut mixtape released in 2016 entitled Gangster With Banter, Mostack has made serious waves and the North London rapper has gone on to perform at two headline shows as well as performances around the UK. Anticipation for High Street Kid is high with features from the likes of J Hus, Krept and Mist. Production on the album is also looking strong; the tracks are produced by Sevaqk, Ill Blu, Steel Banglez, Zeph Ellis and Rowntree Ranks.

Mostack is also a master of the feature and with this in mind, GRM Daily have put together 9 of the best Mostack features;

1. Sneakbo feat. Mostack & J Spades – “Right Now” [2015]


2. Steel Banglez – “Money” [2017]


3. Tinie Tempah feat. Mostack & Sneakbo – “We Don’t Play No Games” [2015]


4. Fekky – “Mad Ting Sad Ting Remix” [2016]


5. Avelino feat. Mostack & Haile – “M.O.E Remix” [2015]


6. Lion I feat. Mostack – “None Ah Dem” [2016]


7. J Spades – “Nobody” [2015]


8. WSTRN feat. Mostack – “Social” [2017]


9. Tizzy feat. Mostack – “AFTT” [2015]


You can pre-order High Street Kid on iTunes by clicking here.