News 17 August 2021

Home Office Reportedly Tells Police To ‘Name & Shame’ Middle-Class Cocaine Users

17 August 2021

In a bid to tackle the Class-A drugs trade, police have reportedly been told by the Home Office to “name and shame” middle-class drug users.

According to The Times, the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel wants senior police to reveal the names of high-profile drug users to change the perception that Class-A drugs can be taken without any consequences.

It’s been reported that police have been told to focus on cocaine use at universities, with the potential of raids taking place during fresher’s week.

A police source told The Times: “We have been told to actively look for high-value individuals to arrest those who see drugs as a part of their lifestyle and don’t believe that there will be any ramifications.”

A Home Office source also told the publication: “One of the issues is that they don’t think they will ever get punished, that there’s no realistic prospect of the police pursuing them.

“This is a drive to make sure that people are being punished and others realise it. There will be high-profile arrests. We want to make examples of people who are held in high esteem but are fuelling ongoing crime and murders linked to the drug trade.”

[Image by photopixel via Shutterstock]