News 8 November 2016
Author: CJ

‘Homeland’ star hits out at lack of leading black British actors

Author CJ
8 November 2016

David Harewood, who stars in hit U.S drama Homeland, has hit out at the lack of leading roles on British TV for black men.

The actor explains that when he initially started his career after attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, no one ever made a point of referring to the colour of his skin. However, when he finished at RADA, it was only then he realised that people referred to him as a “black actor”.

The point that Harewood feels needs addressing isn’t that there are no roles for Black men in the UK, rather that there is a lack of “leading opportunities” for Black men in the UK. In America however it is completely different.

Harewood explains, “I’ve spent the last six years in America where I can play leading, authoritative characters – such as a CIA director in Homeland. In the UK we still don’t have any black judges in the Supreme Court or High Court, or generals in the British Army. We’re still not taking charge.

“I’m used to turning on my TV in the US and seeing black generals, sheriffs, chiefs or police, politicians, financial experts, political experts and news anchors, and I realised that I still don’t see that in the UK.”