News 23 May 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

Here’s how you can help reunite victims from last night’s attack

23 May 2017

A lot of people around the world right now are in complete shock at the events that occurred at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last night. To target a show full of young people and children listening to their favourite music is callous and evil beyond belief. We are now aware that the attack was carried out by a lone suicide bomber, who at the end of the concert, near the merchendise stall, detonated a suicide bomb that at present has killed 22 people and injured 50 or more others.

What is clear in these circumstances is that no matter what they are faced with communities will always find a way to come together to help others in times of crisis like these, proving that there is an active resilience against those trying to promote terror.

People in the local Manchester area have been offering their homes for those affected by the attack last night and do not have accommodation in the area. The hashtag #roomsformachester has been circulating twitter. 

As well as this Holiday Inn Manchester has taken in around 50+ children who were unattended at the show. Let’s not forget this was a pop concert for a singer who has mostly younger fans, parents would have been completely unassuming of the danger their children would face if attending unaccompanied, facts like these only make this terrible situation even worse.

The number to reach the Holiday Inn is 0161 836 9600 or contact Paula Robinson at Holiday Inn directly on 078967711298

There is also a phone line available for anyone concerned about missing loved ones, there are currently multiple photos circulating the internet of those trying to find family members or friends who attended the concert but have not yet been in contact. The number is
0161 856 9400 or 0161 856 9900. The hashtag #missinginmachester is also widely circulating twitter. 

Greater Manchester Police are asking this morning that anyone who is requiring assistance after the attacks to meet at the Etihad stadium today. Full list of contact numbers are included below.