News 10 July 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

A huge fire has struck Camden Town

Author Trudy Barry
10 July 2017

70 firefighters and 10 fire engines were called out last night as a huge fire tore through Camden Town.

Unlike the 2008 fire, which destroyed most of the market forcing it to close for 15 months, this blaze was restricted to one building near to Camden Stables.

Fire services were called out just after midnight last night to the “highly visible” fire and managed to get it under control by 2.50am.

The fire moved through the building so quickly that some were afraid it would explode. A witness told ITV News, “The fire was flying through the air to the surrounding areas. The fire was moving very fast. People were watching, but we were scared the building could explode at any time since there are restaurants with kitchens nearby.”

Ambulance services were also called to the scene but did not need to treat anybody.