News 8 July 2020

NHS Workers To Get Free Ibiza Holiday As Thank You For Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

8 July 2020

NHS workers can expect to land a free holiday to Ibiza next year as a gesture of gratitude for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The local government of Ibiza have been openly backing the “Together For Health Heroes” scheme, which applies to healthcare staff across Europe.

Healthcare workers’ “professionalism and strength” will be rewarded with the free holiday after continually risking their own health to deal with the ongoing crisis.

A website for the scheme outlined its aim to find “at least 1,000 best in class accommodation providers in Europe”, ahead of the initiative which will be implemented in 2021.

A statement for the scheme reads: “It all started with a simple idea early in March. How can we say thank you to those fighting for the lives of our families, friends and communities? How can we say thank you to those putting their own lives at risk for us? Together we are driving change by celebrating and rewarding those who put our community, family and friends first during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Unprecedented times highlight exceptional people. We thank those who we have trusted with our lives, by gifting them our homes and hotels in Ibiza and across Europe.”

Speaking about the gesture, tourism councillor for Ibiza Juan Miguel Costa said: “[They aim to] compensate those who have looked after us, risking their lives in many cases, and who deserve that we all do our share to make sure they have holidays that meet high expectations”.

According to their website, the free accommodation is set to be available in April, May and October 2021, outside of its peak season.