Music Videos 20 July 2016
Author: Jaik Fenton

CRAZY! Ice Kid & Chip collaborate on “Where’s Ice Kid At”

Author Jaik Fenton
20 July 2016

In a CRAZY turn of events, Ice Kid and Chip have linked up to bring us a brand new video entitled “Where’s Ice Kid At”, putting all the rumours that have circulated to bed. Addressing the situation, the pair are clear in showcasing their good relationship in this latest track. 

Following on from his previous video “A.T.M“, Ice Kid has been quick to reaffirm himself in the scene once again, ending a lengthy absence away from music. Having surprised Chip and Eskimo Dance at last month’s Red Bull Culture Clash – where he came out with Taylor Gang – the west London artist seems intent on staying.

This latest release accompanies his brand new EP entitled “11” and is likely to bring an added spark to an already engulfed and prospering scene. Could this be the return, and the final version, of the duo that burst onto the scene all the years ago? We surely hope so.

One thing that’s for sure is that it’s good to have the Kid back. If this is anything to go by, Ice Kid has reappeared, and he’s here to stay. Thank God for that.

Make sure you check out Ice Kid’s brand new EP entitled “11” which is out now.