News 25 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Iceland (the country) is suing Iceland (the supermarket)

25 September 2016

They say there’s no such thing as a brand new idea, but this latest claim of infringement is pretty damn right ridiculous.

Iceland’s ministry of foreign affairs has said the nation is considering legal action against Iceland (the supermarket version) for using their name.

A spokesman told the Press Association, “I can confirm that this is being looked into, but no decision has been made.”

“We are looking for a ‘live and let live’ outcome,” added Jon Asbergsson, an associate of the foreign ministry. “We didn’t make any objections in the beginning, as we were never going to be running any supermarkets.

“But over the course of the years they have been registering the name in several other categories and companies that have Iceland in the name, they (the supermarket) have been objecting to them using the word Iceland in their names or logos.”

This decision comes a massive 45 years after the supermarket was originally founded and set up shop across the world.

A spokesperson for the chain said, ““We are not aware that our use of the Iceland name has ever caused any confusion with Iceland the country.”