Videos 31 January 2021
Author: Andra

Connor Price & Idris Elba link up in fun visuals for “Courteney Cox”

31 January 2021

Connor Price and Idris Elba have just dropped a very cool video for “Courteney Cox”, their song which went viral on social media last year.

It all started with Idris Elba’s Instagram rap challenge, which he created whilst he was at home after he tested positive for Covid.

Connor Price took the opportunity and came up with a freestyle, which Idris rated.

“He was like one of the only people to actually go out there and spit a verse on this beat that I’ve made, and he killed it” said Idris in an interview for ET Canada.

Speaking about the experience, Connor said it was “surreal” to wake up to a follow and a DM from Idris Elba, saying “Hey man let’s work!”

He also touched on how the whole idea behind “Courteney Cox” was inspired by his childhood memories.

Courteney Cox even spits a couple of bars on the track, all which was her idea. Whilst no one would’ve ever expected her to spit on a rap song, Courteney went in!

Check it all out in the video above.