News 13 July 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Idris Elba might be the highest grossing actor ever this year

Author Marisa Lee
13 July 2016

Every December, the details of the year’s highest grossing actors are released. Right now we’re 5 months ahead of Christmas, but it already looks like Idris Elba is going to break the record for the highest grossing actor ever in a single year.

Following after the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s $1.3bn in 2015 and 2013, Jenifer Lawrence’s $1.4 Billion in 2014, and Robert Downey Jr.’s $1.5bn in 2012, with the above films Idris has racked up an incredible $2.79bn this year already – and it’s not even Autumn.

The totals are calculated by adding up the worldwide box office tallies from every film the star has appeared in. Idris has already appeared in three of Disney’s biggest films this year: ‘Zootropolis’ ($1.2bn), ‘The Jungle Book’ ($935m), and ‘Finding Dory’ ($642m), the latter of which still hasn’t been released in the UK. If that’s not enough figures for ya, the Newham general of acting still has ‘Star Trek Beyond’ to come, plus ‘Bastille Day’ made $9.2m.

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But it doesn’t end there. Bear in mind that the actor-come-rapper  isn’t even the star of most of these films. He’s a supporting voice actor in ‘Zootropolis’ and ‘Finding Dory’, the CGI evil Tiger Shere Kahn in ‘The Jungle Book’, and the villain in ‘Star Trek’. The Rock and Jenifer Lawrence were the stars of all their hits.

Idris has already nearly doubled what The Rock made last year. Not only is there all this madness, but he’s already made more than the worldwide gross of Avatar, the most successful film of all time, which brought in $2.7bn.

Big up Idris!