News 4 August 2021

IKEA Launches Limited Edition Candles That Smell Like Its Famous Meatballs

4 August 2021

For most people, the best thing about IKEA trips are the meatballs sold in-store and now the furniture retailer is releasing candles that smell like its popular meat treats.

Dubbed Huvudroll, the candles will smell like the meatballs sold in many of IKEA’s stores and will be included in the company’s “Store in a Box” package that aims to recreate a few of the sensory experiences customers have when visiting IKEA.

The package is part of a sweepstakes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IKEA’s U.S. Family loyalty programme which offers special rewards and exclusive deals.

“For many people, one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of IKEA is their delicious and affordable Swedish meatballs,” Sho Matsuzaki, creative director at Ogilvy, which spearheaded the creative project with IKEA, told The New YorK Post.

“There’s no other furniture brand out there with a food offering that has such a strong following. So for the IKEA Family 10-year anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to create something unexpected that our IKEA Family members and meatball super-fans would love. And yes, it does very much smell like IKEA meatballs.”

The ‘Store in a Box’ package will only be available in the U.S. but who knows, maybe IKEA will launch the meatball-scented candles if they prove popular with customers in the U.S. We’ll have to wait and see!