Shows Videos 5 February 2020
Author: Courtney W

GRM Exclusive: RA & Ard Adz Go Head-To-Head In Hilarious ‘In Da Cut’ Episode

5 February 2020

Our In Da Cut series is finally back with its first episode of 2020!

On In Da Cut, two rappers compete to give two of their fans fresh trims – before being judged by G Cutz who decides who is the better barber out of the two – and going head-to-head in this one are south London artists Ard Adz and RA.

During this episode, it’s clear Ard Adz and RA have pretty different barbering techniques as Adz seems to be more precise with his fan while RA seems to be more of a freestyler as a barber.

The end results are hilariously shocking to say the least and G Cutz doesn’t have to think too hard to crown the winner.

View the latest episode of In Da Cut right here in the video above.