News 9 December 2021

Instagram Is Finally Bringing Back Its Chronological Feed

9 December 2021

Instagram have heard our calls as they’re finally planning on bringing back chronological timelines!

The news was announced by Instagram Comms who said they want “people to have meaningful control over their experience”.

“We’ve been experimenting with Favorites, a way for you to decide whose posts you want to see higher up, and we’re working on another option to see posts from people you follow in chronological order,” Instagram Comms wrote on Twitter.

Prior to 2016, posts on Instagram were shown in chronological order but the social media platform decided to switch things up and let algorithms take over. This means that the order of posts on your feed are currently dictated by the posts you like, the people you follow, the profiles you view and the hashtags you use.

The move has received backlash by many but it looks like Instagram is finally going to reintroduce its traditional order.

However, users will have the option to switch back to a chronological feed as Instagram wants to “provide people with more choices so they can decide what works best for them”.

Instagram has announced the chronological feed will return as an option in 2022.

[Image by BigTunaOnline via Shutterstock]