News 25 September 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

Instagram influencer jailed for attempted revenge murder

Author Marisa Lee
25 September 2017

Elijah Oyefeso, a self-titled “self-made millionaire” and “playboy” city trader has been jailed after he tried to mow down someone he owed money to. He once boasted that he earned £90,000 a month, but was also said to owe creditor Dennis Ofosu money after borrowing it to buy a Land Rover.

He attacked creditor Dennis Ofosu during an argument over a debt outside the Goals soccer centre in Southampton, and was heard telling his victim, “If you were in London I would kill you.”

When Ofosu asked for his money back, Oyefeso got behind the wheel of his car and suddenly rammed into the creditor who ended up on the bonnet of the car.

Oyefeso, from Camberwell, South London, has been jailed for two and a half years after convictions of dangerous driving and possessing a weapon in a public place. 

Prison is gonna make a big change to the lifestyle that Oyefeso lived before, showing his Lambos, Rolls Royces and Bentleys off to his 30k Instagram followers. He even featured on Channel 4’s TV show Rich Kids Go Shopping, in which he was filmed as he traded online making £1,000 in just 15 minutes.

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Oyefeso also had a string of convictions for motoring offences since 2013, including five counts of driving without insurance, five counts of failing to identify a driver and four for speeding.