News 14 June 2023
Author: Andra

Instagram influencers arrested after being caught with huge seven-figures worth of cocaine

14 June 2023

Two Instagram influencers from the US, Racquelle Marie Dolores Anteola and Melissa Dufour, are facing a sentence of a minimum 10 years in jail after getting caught with a huge amount of cocaine.

They were caught with 216 pounds of the drug in their car while driving through Alabama, which is nearly 98kg and valued at an insane seven figure sum.

The stash is estimated to have been worth $3 million, which in GBP comes in at a whopping £2,365,140.

Racquelle Marie Dolores Anteola – aka Rahky – is a singer and rapper from California and Melissa Dufour is owner of Sexy Sweats sportswear line. The pair were allegedly returning from a house party in Houston when they got stopped for a traffic violation in Alabama on June 1.

Their car was searched after a K-9 indicated drugs might be hidden in the Black Ford Expedition they were driving, where the police allegedly found several hidden compartments concealing 84 packs of cocaine.

According to the prosecutors, the car had been modified as the floor appeared “lowered and welded back together” making it possible to hide the drugs, the New York Post writes.

The case is still ongoing and if found guilty the two women could spend a minimum of 10 years in prison on federal drug trafficking charges.

[Image via Instagram / @heyrahky]