News 17 November 2021

Nine Insulate Britain Protestors Jailed After Blocking M25

17 November 2021

Nine Insulate Britain protestors have been jailed for breaching a High Court injunction which banned them from blocking roads.

The campaigners were part of a series of protests which began in September where activists glued themselves to the roads on busy roads, causing traffic for thousands of motorists.

To curb the demonstrations, a temporary injunction was put in place which banned the use of road blockades in protests and prevented access to 4,300 miles of A-roads and motorways. The nine activists admitting to breaching the injunction.

Dame Victoria Sharp, sitting with Mr Justice Chamberlain, handed jail sentences between three and six months, saying: “The blocking of a junction on a major motorway could be expected to and was intended to cause serious inconvenience to a large number of people.”

She added that the group had “broken the social contract under which in a democratic society the public can properly be expected to tolerate such peaceful protest.”

Raj Chada, who was representing the protesters, said: “With these prison terms, the long and honourable tradition of civil disobedience is under attack again.”

[Image from LBC]