News 20 February 2020
Author: Courtney W

Inter Milan Tease Collaboration With Palm Angels

20 February 2020

Football and fashion have crossed paths several times over the years and they’re about to do so again as a possible collaboration between Inter Milan and Palm Angels is on the cards.

Inter Milan’s chairman, Steven Zhang, took to Instagram to display an exchange between him and Palm Angels founder, Francesco Ragazzi, which they both express their plans to team up.

In the messages, we see Ragazzi share his love for Inter Milan, writing: “Steve! Let’s do a collab I am a big inter fan!”, to which Zhang replies with “Ok!!!!!!!!!!!”.GRM Daily

As well as being the youngest chairman in Series A history at the age of 29, Zhang is also a keen fashionista and recently attended the Gucci showcase during Milan fashion week.

Luxury streetwear brand Palm Angels is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, particularly in the UK where the brand is being worn by a number of big artists in the scene.

If the collaboration between Inter and Palm Angels becomes a reality, Steven Zhang will be able to  combine his love for both football and fashion, and gift fashionable football fans with a fresh jersey to sport.