News 30 April 2017

The internet reacts to Anthony Joshua’s big win

30 April 2017

Anthony Joshua truly propelled himself to global stardom last night as he defeated Wladimir Klitschko in emphatic fashion in a battle worthy of the prizes at stake; the IBO, IBF and WBA world heavyweight titles.

In fact, from the moment Skrapz’ “They Ain’t Ready” boomed around Wembley Arena as AJ entered the ring, his message for the sceptics and millions around the world watching the fight was clear. This fight would be the end of the beginning of Anthony Joshua’s career. Like Skrapz, AJ is ready to take the game to level ten as he has makes the transition from potential world beater to position himself in pole position in boxing like Lewis Hamilton on the track.

And boy did he achieve that last night.

The fight itself was full of action and drama with four knockdowns, Joshua hitting the deck for the first time in his career in the sixth round and Klitschko going down in round five and twice in the eleventh round. Anthony Joshua clinically forced the referee to end the fight with a TKO shortly after the third Klitschko knockdown in the eleventh with a bombardment of punches proving too much for Klitschko who was unable to defend himself.

So what next for AJ? Immediately after the fight, he called out Tyson Fury which would be the most exciting fight and one that would surely have to be held in Wembley again due to its magnitude. Yet the most viable option seems to be a unification fight with WBC champion, Deontay Wilder. Either way, exciting times lay ahead for the heavyweight division, particularly for British fighters!

Here are some of the best tweets reacting to the fight last night including AJ’s incredible entrance to Skrapz:

Skrapz shouting out the champ who himself was ringside with Nines last night!

And here is another tweet from Big Boy Skrapz with a link to AJ’s ring walk!

There was always going to be one outcome with AJ coming out to Skrapz!

Rio Ferdinand congratulating AJ after the fight!

I think anybody else’s head would have ended up in the crowd after that uppercut!

Caption speaks for itself LOL

Its also important to pay homage to a true champion in Wladimir Klitschko!