News 7 May 2020
Author: Courtney W

Football Player Found Alive 4 Years After Being Presumed Dead

7 May 2020

An investigation has been launched after a Congolese football player has been found alive in Germany – four years after being presumed dead.

The former Schalke player Hiannick Kamba was believed to have been involved in a fatal car crash in 2016 in his home nation of Congo. However, Kamba has been found alive in the city of Gelsenkirchen where he has been working as a chemical technician for an energy company.

According to Kamba’s legal aide – Anette Milk – Kamba returned to Germany in 2018 after he “was abandoned by friends overnight on a visit to Congo in January 2016 and was left without documents, money and a cell phone.”

The re-appearance of Hiannick Kamba has resulted in the launch of a police investigation focusing on his ex-wife, who received a sum of money in life insurance after providing documents which stated he had died. 
Kamba claims to be unaware of his wife’s actions and will serve as a witness in the investigation.

Hiannick Kamba was part of Schalke’s youth system before leaving the club to play for lower league German clubs in 2007. He was a right-back at VFB Huls when it was first announced he had passed away in 2016.