News 22 May 2019
Author: Olivia West

Is A New ‘Game of Thrones’ Video Game Coming Soon?

Author Olivia West
22 May 2019

It’s fair to say that Game of Thrones has taken over 2019 so far, with many left feeling disappointed with the HBO series finale that aired this week. Although Winter might not be coming, a new venture might be on the horizon for the franchise!

The famed author of the original book series, George R. R. Martin, hinted towards a possible video game adaptation.

Discussing his professional commitments following the finale through a recent blog post, the writer mentioned how he has ‘consulted on a video game out of Japan’ leaving fans speculating.

Although there has not been any confirmation that the game will be based on the dramas and tales of Westeros, it is fair to say that it is possible. Corresponding rumours suggest that the game has apparently been in the making since 2016, meaning that the potential for a release will be in the near future.

Martin went on to announce in the blog post that he has “five shows in development at HBO (some having nothing whatsoever to do with the world of Westeros), two at Hulu, one on the History Channel. I’m involved with a number of feature projects, some based upon my own stories and books, some on material created by others”.

By Liv West