News 8 August 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

Is Kendrick firing shots at Drake?!

8 August 2015

Yesterday Dr. Dre released his final album, a soundtrack to the biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’, entitled ‘Compton’. Kendrick Lamar is featured a number of times on the album and it seems in a couple of his verses that he fires some shots in the direction of the 6 God.

As we all know, Kendrick loves getting at people in his lyrics. Whether it be subliminally or out in the open, he loves it. Let’s take it back to the infamous verse on “Control” where it all started. Since then, it seems the both of them have had jabs towards each other.

In the new song, ‘Darkside/Gone’; Kendrick says:

“You scared of my heist now?/I still got enemies giving me energy/I wanna fight now”

The way in which the lyric is spat is in reference to Drake’s ‘Energy’ song too. That’s the minor jab, the hard hitter came in the song ‘Deep Water’ where he said:

“They liable to bury him/They nominated six to carry him/They worry him to death but he no vegetarian/The beef is on his breath inheritin’ the drama like better than a Great White/Nigga, this is life in my aquarium!”

Read into it how you wish, but these seem like some shots at Drake and if Drake wants to fight back, this will be very entertaining.