News 23 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

I’ve Got A Mate Volume 1: Sidemen & Bowcats

Author Trudy Barry
23 November 2016

I’ve Got A Mate is your new go-to place for all advice love/sex/relationship related. Whether it’s girl issues or man issues, if you’ve got a mate who needs a bit of advice, drop us a tweet with the hashtag #AskTrudy. But don’t expect the response you want to hear.

Dear Trudy,

I’ve got a mate who’s been seeing this girl for about a month now. They met in a club, like a one night thing and it just kinda escalated from there. He thinks he likes her yeah, but how can he know whether she’s seeing other guys or not? Obviously he doesn’t want her to be sleeping around, but also doesn’t wanna be the dickhead that asks and finds out she’s not on the same vibe.

Okay so basically, your mate only needs to worry about that if he wants to wife this girl. Is he still f-cking other girls? If he is then he’s got no right to even question her at this point.

If he feels like getting serious with this chick then here’s what he has to do: Keep his d-ck in his pants for as long as he’s been seeing her already – so they met in October, this would mean December – and if he makes it that long and he’s still into the whole thing then he can legit ask her if she’s still f-cking around. But he should be prepared for an answer he may not like. There’s always a chance he’s just another sideman but you never know, he might find himself with a new wifey for Christmas.

Dear Trudy

I’ve got a mate who’s been seeing a guy for about three months now and she says the sex is so, so good. Honestly the best ever! Only thing is, she loves giving head and gives it regularly, but when she asks him to go down on her, he says he doesn’t enjoy it. That is so dead!! How can she make him do it?

Mate, listen to yourself. Just take a minute and switch the roles. ‘My girl doesn’t wanna give head, how can I make her?’ Rapey as f-ck, right? Some guys just aint into that and your mate might just have to put up with it, you know. Eating a girl out has got a bad rep, some guys boast about their p-ssy eating skills and others worry about being called a bowcat. Regardless of the reason you just can’t force someone to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

If this is gonna turn into a relationship (three months ain’t a relationship yet) then this might be something she has to forget about and just hope that every year on her birthday man gives her a ~special present~. If she can’t stomach the thought of only getting head once a year, then it’s time to duck.