News 1 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

I’ve Got A Mate Volume 10: Boss Nudes & Cheating Siblings

Author Trudy Barry
1 February 2017

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Dear Trudy


I’ve got a mate who’s probably about to lose their job. Basically he’s got his first legit office job and is finally making p’s that can actually go through the tax man. It’s a big ting for him and he didn’t want to do anything to mess it up, he even exchanged numbers with his boss to show he could be called upon at any time. Then he f-cked up.


Basically the girl he’s linking has got the same name as his boss. The other day he wanted to send his chick a quick pic to show he was thinking about her on his lunch break… and yeah man ended up sending it to his boss by accident!!!


He put off going back to the office for as long as possible but eventually he had to. But get this, his boss acted like everything was normal. He thought maybe she hadn’t seen it but now it’s been like a week and she hasn’t mentioned anything, if anything she’s being more friendly than usual. He’s bare confused – what’s going on?


Okay so your mate must be dumb so let me break it down nice and simple for him: he is going to have to f-ck his boss. He messed up and now this is the only possible outcome.


It’s been a week so obviously she’s seen the pictures and from her behaviour she obviously likes what she saw in them pictures. Think about it, she hasn’t brought it up and now she’s being friendlier? She’s definitely chasing the D, mate. I just hope for his sake that him and this chick he’s linking aren’t too serious because I reckon if your boy wants to keep his nice, legit job he’s gonna have to make this sacrifice.


For your mate’s sake, I hope she’s buff.


Dear Trudy


I’ve got a mate who’s at risk of losing her boyfriend and her family if this secret comes out. It’s a life-changing situation she’s in right now, for real.


My mate and her sis have always been super close, especially since their parents moved to Spain a few years ago. They live on the same street and do double dates with their boyfriends once a week.


Last Christmas the four of them decided to book a cottage in the countryside for a week so they could all get out of London. They were there for New Years and on that day they started drinking at about 10am. At about 9pm they realised they were going to run out of alcohol before midnight so my mate’s boyfriend and sister went to the shop to get more. They were in proper country so they were gone for over an hour. You can probably guess what happened next.


For the last month my mate has been stressing. She f-cked her sister’s boyfriend! What’s she going to do! He’s certain they have to forget it happened but lying to her two most important people is killing her. How can she come clean without losing her sister and her boyfriend?


“How can she come clean without losing her sister and boyfriend?” Yeaaaah bad news for your mate, babe. I’m not really sure there is a way of getting out of this one without a few tears. But come on what did she expect?


Obviously things can’t be as picture perfect as you make it out to be. Either she aint feeling her man or she has some resentment toward her sis; you don’t just fuck someone that’s not your man because you’re left alone with them for an hour, you get me?


Your mate has two options: keep quiet and feel like a sh-thead forever or come clean and maybe (probably) lose everything. Soz babes.