News 16 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

I’ve Got A Mate Volume 12: Sugar daddies & waiting for sex

Author Trudy Barry
16 February 2017

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Dear Trudy


I’ve got a mate who is getting sh-t from everyone she knows. She’s 19 but has a thing for older guys and a lot of the time they just happen to be rich. Older guys are for sure more mature and sometimes they just buy her things just to be nice. She grew up in the ends and never had much so she’s enjoying being treated nice for once. But now the other girls on the estate are saying she’s just using these guys as sugar daddies. How can she make her mates understand that she’s just sick of the rudeboy mentality?


Sounds like your mate actually has her head screwed on, which to be honest is pretty rare for a teenager. So, first things first, credit to her for that. Then again… she could actually be using these guys for the gifts – which is smart but also somewhat hoe-like.


Firstly she needs to care less about what other people are saying. Who ever made something of themselves without p-ssing off other people? These girls sound jealous, in which case she just has to prove them wrong by sticking it out with this older guy. Time is the only thing that will prove she’s a real one.


Dear Trudy


I’ve got a mate who has got a permanent hard on. That’s his issue! He was one of them boys that hooked up with a different girl every night and never wanted to settle down. His auntie passed away over Christmas and it made him realise that he needed to settle down and start a fam.


He met this real loyal chick and they started seeing each other. She knew about his reputation though and has told him that she wants to wait till their married before they can f-ck. For real, this girl literally said no pum till the wedding night. He went along with it at first thinking she’d change her mind but it’s been months now and he still isn’t getting any. What can he say to her to prove that he’s legit, and get in her pants?


Hold up, you said his auntie passed in Christmas, which means this guy’s been seeing this girl for maximum a month and a half. So don’t come at me with the ‘he’s been seeing her for months’ vibe, alright? This advice sh-t only works if ya’ll are honest with me.


Okay. So. With honesty in mind, let me tell it to you straight. This girl knows your mate’s rep and she aint going to f-ck him any time soon. I don’t know the gal so I can’t say if she’s legit about waiting till marriage but if she hasn’t done it by this point you know she’s pretty set in her ways.


If you boy legitimately likes her, then tell him to just wait it out! Who knows, maybe she is ~ the one ~ and they’ll live happily ever after and f-ck like bunnies on the wedding night. Alternatively, if he actually can’t see himself waiting around for her then that probably means he doesn’t even like her that much and he should just dead the ting now while they’re both still young.