News 8 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

I’ve Got A Mate Volume 14: Porn star syndrome & Anal

Author Trudy Barry
8 March 2017

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Dear Trudy

I’ve got a mate who’s recently discovered a turn on he never knew he had and it’s freaking him out. His girl was talking about her ex the other day and the story involved mentioning a time they had sex. She got awkward and apologised for bringing it up thinking that he’d be jealous, but the maddest thing is it turned him on.

Don’t get me wrong he hates the idea of her cheating on him, but all this was way before they met so it’s not a jealousy ting. He’s even started asking her questions about past relationships in the hopes she’ll reveal a bit more info, but now she’s getting suspicious of his questions. What should he do?

Believe it or not this is actually mad common, so truss me your boy aint alone. Guys like the idea of their girl getting f-cked by someone else. Who can say why really but I reckon it’s the whole ‘porn star’ fantasy. If your boy knows that your girl can do certain acts in bed with someone else, that means that she can do them with him, you get me?

To be honest most of my girls don’t have a problem with their guys feeling that way, some of them even find it flattering, so your boy shouldn’t feel bad. Depends on the girl I guess – if it’s a sweet ‘girl next door’ type for example, she might not like the hoe comparison – but I reckon you boys should just tell her it’s getting him hard next time she talks about an ex, they’ll probably just end up banging.

Dear Trudy

I’ve got a mate whose got a problem that is just too bait. It’s probably the longest battle between man and woman that there’s ever been, and yet here she is. Anal. Her man wants it… bad. She’s not against it morally or anything but boy you know that sh-t hurts. She gets why he’s into it, but honestly for her the pain just isn’t worth it for her. I’m sure you understand.

How can she make him realise that she’s not willing to let him get him buss for the intense pain in the arse (literally) that it is for her?

First off, I don’t know why you talking to me like I’m the anal expert but girl you gotta wind your neck in. Don’t come at me like I’m Uck Queen’s lil sis Anal Princess.

Okay. Secondly, your girl is not alone in hating anal. Porn makes us believe that anal feels justs as good for a girl as bonafide p-ssy sex. Men reading this pay attention now – maybe for a select few it’s great, but for the majority of women anal is not a fun experience.

If your girl really wants her man to “know how it feels” suggest he sticks something up there and watch how quickly he leaves the whole thing.