News 29 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

I’ve Got A Mate Volume 17: WhatsApp & vibrators

Author Trudy Barry
29 March 2017

I’ve Got A Mate is your new go-to place for all advice love/sex/relationship related. If you’ve got a mate who’s having issues, drop us a tweet with the hashtag #AskTrudy, but don’t expect the response you want to hear.

Dear Trudy

I’ve got a mate who has f-cked up soooo bad! Basically the guy she’s chirpsing lives in Ruislip but she lives in Hackney. It’s a long commute ting and she can tell he’s not even that keen on her yet. To try and entice him to come visit her she decided to send him some temptation inducing pics. Only thing is she was a bit tipsy at the time and ended up accidentally sending them out on a broadcast so everyone in her contact list got it!

This is like the most embarrassing thing ever. She’s had her phone on airplane mode ever since and is refusing to face the outside world. She’s even been skipping work because her boss was one of the people she sent it to. But it’s been a few days and she has to go back. What’s she gonna do?!

Lol that’s peak. But it’s done now and without sounding harsh your mate just has to get over it. I’ve accidentally sent nudes to the wrong person before and trust it’s bare awkward, I can’t lie. But it’s done now, you get me?

Lots of people will say you shouldn’t send nudes but in this day and age it’s just not realistic. Everyone is horny as f-ck. Best thing your girl can do is just laugh about it. Hopefully her body is tight enough that people will be impressed, she might even get some more man moving to her. Good luck to her going back to work though, that’s just going to be stressssssss.

Dear Trudy

I’ve got a mate who is having troubles in the bedroom with his missus. Basically my boy and his girl have been together like six months, so not even that long really, but he knows he’s not pleasing her in the bedroom. How does he know? Well every time they finish having sex she goes to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’ but he can hear her vibrator buzzing through the door! Obviously she feels the need to finish the job herself.

He’s never had no complaints before so how’s he meant to know what he’s doing wrong?

Jesus you man are so dumb. Why is your boy talking to you about this and not her? How am I meant to know where he’s going wrong? Obviously when they’re doing it he’s missing something and she feels the need to sort it herself. To be honest she really should speak up about it but maybe she’s shy, I don’t know.

He can try switching up his moves and then checking if he still hears that ominous buzz after. Tekkers is 90% of the game when it comes to sex. If that still doesn’t work then honestly the best thing your boy can do is talk to her about it. It might be awkward, but truthfully she’s not going to hang around long if he’s not pleasing her.