News 15 September 2021
Author: Courtney W

Watch Ivorian Doll’s New BBC Documentary ‘Welcome To Hackney’

15 September 2021

Ivorian Doll has teamed up with the BBC to drop a brand-new documentary!

Titled Welcome To Hackney With Ivorian Doll, the documentary focuses on IVD’s Hackney roots to explore how the London borough has shaped her and her music.

As well as going back to her school and the iconic Hackney Empire, we also see Ivorian Doll link up with fellow Hackney native Paigey Cakey to provide us with more insight into the area.

The synopsis for the doc reads: “We’re all influenced by our surroundings but, for musicians and artists, the environment they’re raised in can have a huge effect on the work they make in later life – whether they realise it or not!

“In this new documentary looking at just how the places artists are raised influence their work, rising UK rapper Ivorian Doll introduces us to the London Borough of Hackney, the place that made her the artist she is, and where she discovered her talent for music.”

Click here to watch Welcome To Hackney With Ivorian Doll on BBC iPlayer!