News 25 January 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

J Hus shuts down an entire street in Birmingham

25 January 2017

It’s one thing to get love in your home town, but you know you’re doing things right when you have adoring fans in other parts of the world.

J Hus proved just how avid and map-conquering his own fanbase is during a scheduled appearance at Pryzm nightclub in Birmingham centre.

They were so keen to catch the “Friendly” hitmaker live in the flesh and turned up in such large droves, that over 200 hundred people with tickets were turned away from the venue and an entire street was closed by the feds.

A police spokesman said, “Police were called to Broad Street, Birmingham, outside the Pryzm nightclub just before 12.30am in the early hours of Wednesday, January 25 after reports of overcrowding and safety concerns.

“Around 200 people are believed to have been attempting to get into the venue after already being refused entry by door staff.

“Police closed Broad Street for a short time while the safety issues were addressed and crowds dispersed. No arrests were made and the venue remained open for the students already inside.”

Pryzms capacity stands at 2500 people, so its safe to say that J Hus had attracted quite the crowd.