Videos 28 November 2016
Author: Abby

Jack & Max add visuals to their moving track “More Life”

Author Abby
28 November 2016

Jack & Max have released the visuals to their latest single, “More Life”, but this time the phrase has nothing to do with Drake.

Opening with soulful keys before kicking into a house/hip hop choppy self-production, the Croydon brothers lace the track with
deeper issues of police brutality, social unrest and marginalisation.

“They don’t even really think too hard. Pull the trigger if you blink too fast. Hit me with my hands high, but I ain’t got nothing but love in my heart,” they sing, every word hard hitting, thought through and full of purpose. 

Though the track was first released in August, the video offers further context to “More Life”, with emblematic scenes directed by NTPWR, intercut with real life footage from police cameras and CCTV. The end of the visual sees Jack & Max dressed in all white, a symbol of death, whilst panning out to a poignant voice clip of the late poet and Jack & Max’s uncle, Ras Michael.

Perhaps most impressive about this piece of work is that despite the serious and sobering subject matter, Jack & Max actually keep the tone upbeat and optimistic, their mantra being: “More life, more life. I know it hurts right now, but it’s gonna be alright.”