News 7 April 2019

Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker tease the release of ‘Rush Hour 4’

7 April 2019

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have teased fans with the possible soon arrival of Rush Hour 4.

In pictures posted to social media, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan appear to be celebrating the Chinese entertainer’s 65th birthday. Both pose and hold up four fingers; a clear sign to many that the two costars are teasing the fourth instalment in the action film franchise.

The first Rush Hour film was released 21 years ago in 1998 and since then, two sequels were made to form a critically acclaimed trilogy with a strong cult fan following.

A television series based on Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan’s characters was broadcast on TV in 2016 however poor ratings and negative reviews from critics led to its swift cancellation.

The last Rush Hour film was released in 2007 and the ending left room for the story of the two unlikely police pals to continue however scheduling conflicts, contract negotiations and a struggle to find the right script has hindered the film from ever going into production.

Perhaps this new picture posted by Chris Tucker is a hint to fans that these issues have finally been resolved and movie watchers will soon be treated to the fourth Rush Hour film.

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